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June 14, 2016



A future that eventually comes to a person or a thing is referred to as fate. While it’s impossible to know the future, some people believe that fate is certain, regardless of what human beings do to change it.

  • Vinh believes it was her fate to be married to her husband.
  • Rodrigo blames his current run of bad luck on fate.
  • It was a twist of fate that brought the founders of the company together.
  • The fate of the passengers on the missing airplane is still uncertain.
  • Surviving the horrors of war is a fate worse than death for those who have been exposed to murder and mayhem.
  • The soldiers knew their fate when they realized they were surrounded by the enemy.
  • Does a person control his or her own fate?
  • Oedipus tried to avoid the fate that had been predicted for him and ended up fulfilling the prophecy.
  • What is the fate of humanity?
  • Henry David Longfellow is quoted as saying, "Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life some rain must fall. (Everyone experiences tragedy and death. These things can’t be avoided.)


Through millennia, human beings have tried and failed over and over again to ascertain their fate.

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