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March 23, 2016



The word "fly" describes movement through the air. There are many things that fly.

simple past past participle
  • A bird flies through the air.
  • Many insects are able to fly.
  • Airplanes fly from one place to another.
  • Do you like to fly?
  • Have you ever flown on an airplane?
  • Have you ever flown a kite? To fly a kite is to make it fly in the air.
  • A balloon filled with helium can fly high up into the air.
  • A helicopter just flew over my house towards the hospital.

jets Jets fly very fast.

There are other situations that use the word "fly."

  • Time flies.
  • Years fly by very quickly.
  • When the window was opened, a gust of wind caused the paper on my desk to fly all over the place.
  • A car seems to fly when it moves quickly.
  • A police car just flew by in pursuit of someone.
  • Don’t let an opportunity fly by.
  • I’ve got to fly. ( I have to leave now.)

The word "flight" is a noun:

  • A bird takes flight when it needs to leave an area.
  • Human beings could only dream of flight before it became a reality.
  • Aerodynamics is the study of flight.
  • A flight from the United States to Europe takes about six to seven hours, depending on where you depart and arrive.

When the word "fly" is used as a noun, it refers to an insect or a zipper.

This is a fly.

  • Flies show up whenever there’s food.
  • Some flies carry diseases.
  • There’s a fly in the room. It’s making a buzzing sound.
  • Check your fly to make sure it’s up. (Check the zipper on your pants.)
  • I think your fly is open. (The zipper on your pants is open.)
  • Zip up your fly.


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