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March 22, 2016



The word "tape" often refers to a long, flat piece of flexible material. This material is used for fixing things, putting things together, measuring things, and for recording audio and video. This word can be used as a noun or as a verb.

  • Sound can be recorded on audio tape.
tape recorder
  • Video is recorded and stored on video tape.
  • Tape may be used to keep people away from dangerous areas.
  • Measuring tape is used to measure length and height.
  • A tailor uses tape to measure a person. He then uses the measurements for making clothes or for making alterations to clothes.
  • A person who is injured might have an injury wrapped up in tape. (tape = bandage)
  • Scotch tape is used when sealing things or when pasting things together.
  • Duct tape is used for fixing things that require a strong, heavy repair.
  • When painting a house, many people use masking tape to cover those areas that should not be painted.

The word "tape" is often used as a verb:

simple past past participle
  • Gifts are wrapped and taped before they are given to a person who receives the gift.
  • Before painting, the molding and the woodwork in your home should be taped.
  • To record a show on TV, you can tape it. (The word "tape" is still used even when digital recording is the method of storage.)
  • The police tape off an area where a crime has been committed.
  • Before taping someone with video, you should ask for that person’s permission.

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