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A mall is a large, open area for shopping or gathering. Most malls in the United States are large enclosed buildings, but some malls are open spaces located within a downtown or suburban area.

  • People who live in the city and the suburbs like to go to the mall.
  • Teenagers like to hang out at the mall, whether they go shopping or not. (hang out = gather; be together)
  • Most large malls have a food court where everyone goes to eat.
  • Malls are very busy places during the holiday shopping season.
  • A mall is a popular place to go see a movie. Many malls have movie theaters that can show several different movies at the same time.
  • An outlet mall is a mall that sells discounted merchandise.
  • A strip mall consists of a row of several stores and a large parking lot.
  • Wooddale Mall, located in Schaumburg, Illinois, is a very large mall.
  • The Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, is the largest shopping mall in the United States.
  • The Mall of America has an amusement park and an aquarium.

mall of american amusement park

The Mall of America has an amusement park.

The Mall of America also has an aquarium.

outdoor mall

strip mall

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May 16, 2016



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