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A basket is a container that is used for holding things or carrying things. It can be decorative or practical. Many baskets are made of natural materials, but baskets are also made of synthetic materials such as plastic or metal.

  • There are several baguettes in this basket.
  • This basket is full of apples.
  • This is an empty basket. a
  • A wastepaper basket is used for paper.
  • This is a basketball. The sport of basketball is very popular in the United States.

The making of baskets is a skill that goes back thousands of years in human history.

  • A person who makes baskets is called a basket maker.
  • The work of a basket maker is basket making.
  • Basketry is the art of making baskets.
  • Do you know how to make a basket?

Note: A basketball player who shoots the ball through a hoop, also makes a basket. To make a basket results in points scored for the player’s team.

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Date of publication:November 2, 2016



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