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The word "disappoint" is used when a person is unhappy with a situation. In this case, there was an expectation for a positive outcome or a belief that something good would happen, but instead the opposite occurred.

  • You really disappoint me.
  • I’m very disappointed in you.
  • Many Americans are very disappointed by the results of the election.
  • Democrats are disappointed that so many Republicans supported a nominee with a pessimistic view of America.
  • It’s very disappointing that a well-qualified candidate was beaten by someone who has no experience as an elected official and has very little knowledge of government or the U.S. Constitution.

The word "disappointment" is a noun:

  • It’s a huge disappointment to learn that a large number of Americans supported a candidate who has a history of making unwelcome advances upon women.
  • Disappointment with the election results will show in the faces of those who believe a great opportunity has been lost, and a huge mistake has been made.

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Date of publication: November 9, 2016



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