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A person who hesitates takes extra time before making a decision or taking an action.

  • Harpeet never hesitates when someone offers her chocolate.
  • Oscar hesitated before entering the office because it looked like the wrong room.
  • At a stop light, Amy hesitated when the light turned green and saved herself from getting into an accident.
  • I think you’re hesitating.
  • Why are you hesitating?
  • You shouldn’t hesitate in accepting a job offer if you really want it.
  • If you want to get that new computer on sale, don’t hesitate. The sale won’t last long.

The words "hesitation" and "hesitancy" are nouns:

  • Tom showed no hesitation when it came to accepting the offer of a job.
  • I sense a little hesitancy. Are you sure you want to do this?
  • There was a note of hesitancy in the young man’s voice when he said he wanted to marry his girlfriend.
  • After approval from the city, construction of the building was begun without hesitation.

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Date of publication: November 10, 2016



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