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There are many different types of rings. A ring can be a circular object, or it’s a sound.

  • People wear rings on their fingers.
  • People who are married usually wear a wedding ring.
  • There are rings around the planet Saturn.
  • People and animals perform inside a circus ring.
  • Boxers fight inside a boxing ring.
  • A notebook or binder is kept together with rings.
  • A ring forms around a bathtub after a person gets out of the water.
  • Keys are held on a key ring.
  • A telephone rings when a person makes a phone call.
  • You can get a ring on your cell phone.
  • Ring a doorbell to let someone know you are at that person’s home.
  • Ring a bell for service if you need help.

When the word "ring" is used as a verb, it’s irregular:

past participle
  • When someone rings a doorbell to a house, a person inside knows there’s a visitor. (present tense)
  • When I rang the doorbell, someone came to the door. (past tense)
  • Have you ever rung a doorbell and then found out later that the doorbell wasn’t working? (present perfect tense)


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Date of publication: September 26, 2016



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