Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

pack   pain   pair   panic   path   pattern   pay   peel   penalize   pest   picture   plaid   plenty   plump  pour   press   prey   profit   proud   pull   pure

1.  To remove the skin of an apple, you must __________ it.

2. A mosquito is a common __________ throughout the world.

3. Body builders are often heard to say, "No __________, no gain."

4. People who work in law enforcement will tell you that a life of crime doesn’t __________.

5. Blueberries at this time of year are juicy, sweet, and __________.

6. Some business people wear suits with a __________ pattern.

7. Members of the __________ ask government officials a lot of questions.

8. A good education provides a __________ to one’s success.

9. Before I go on vacation, I have to __________ my bags.

10. Could you please __________ more coffee into my cup?

11. The label on the bottle says this apple juice is 100 percent __________.

12. A DMV employee took Justin’s __________ when he renewed his driver’s license. (DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles)

13. The owner of the company will __________ employees who are late to work.

14. It’s not a good idea to __________ when faced with an emergency.

15. Vanessa needs to get a new __________ of shoes for work.

16. Don and Louise are very __________ of their son who graduated last year.

17. You have to _________ the door to open it.

18. In a land of __________, few people go hungry.

19. It’s unethical to __________ at the expense of another person’s misfortune.

20. A mouse may become __________ for a skillful cat that likes to hunt.

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Answers: 1. peel; 2. pest; 3. pain; 4. pay; 5. plump; 6. plaid; 7. press; 8. path; 9. pack 10. pour; 11. pure; 12. picture; 13. penalize; 14. panic; 15. pair; 16. proud; 17. pull; 18. plenty; 19. profit; 20. prey


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