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Fur is the hair of an animal.

  • A cat has soft fur.
  • The fur of a donkey is rough.
  • Some coats worn by people are made of fur.
  • A polar bear has a thick coat of fur.
  • Animals with nice fur are skinned for their coats. (coat: the skin and the fur)
  • Some animals have no fur.
  • Human beings don’t have fur; they have hair.
  • Instead of fur, a bird has feathers.

The word “furry” is an adjective.

  • A hamster is a cute and furry litttle animal.
  • A rabbit is soft and furry.
  • Some furry animals have thick coats that serve as protection from the cold.

polar bear

A polar bear has a thick coat of fur.

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This page was published on April 6, 2017.



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