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To prepare is to get ready to do something. An activity is planned for the future, and a person must do certain things in advance of the activity in order to be successful.

In these sentences, "prepare" is a verb:

  • Students have to prepare for school.
  • Teachers prepare lessons for class.
  • Workers prepare to go to work.
  • Athletes prepare for competitions.
  • People who are in the military prepare for conflict.

The word "preparation" is a noun:

  • We have to make preparations for an upcoming trip to Europe.
  • Preparations are being made for a new bike lane in our community.
  • Good preparation leads to success.

The word "prepared" is an adjective:

  • Are you prepared for work?
  • Do you feel prepared?
  • I’m afraid he’s not prepared.
  • He’s not at all prepared for the job he’s about to do.
  • He’s very unprepared.

The words "prepare" or "preparation" are often shortened to "prep."

  • A kitchen worker does a lot of food prep.
  • I have to prep for class.
  • Kathleen goes to a college prep school.
  • Prepping for a test involves a lot of studying and discussion with other students.


He’s prepared and ready to go.

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Date of publication: January 17, 2017



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