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An onion is a root vegetable that is used for cooking and providing flavor to food. Do you like onions?

  • Most onions are round. Yellow onions have a thin, crispy covering that is removed before cooking.
  • People like to cook with onions because they enhance the flavor of food.

(enhance = improve)

  • Some onions are red. The tops of the onion can be used in cooking.
  • Green onions (the green part) are sometimes preferred because they have a mild flavor.
  • Onions are chopped or sliced before they are used for cooking.
  • You can saute onions in butter or oil.
  • Some onions are strong. They are so strong, they can make a person cry.
  • Onions have layers or rings.
  • We rarely eat onions raw (uncooked) or by themselves, but they make a very good soup. Have you ever had French onion soup?


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This page was published on March 30, 2017.



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