Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

quack   qualify   quality  quarantine   quart   quarter   queasy   queen   question   quick   quiet   quit   quiz   quota   quote  

1.  Learning English is neither easy nor __________.

2. Everyone needed to __________ down in order to listen to the announcement.

3. Rhonda felt a little __________ after eating a some undercooked turkey.

4. When you’re at the store, please pick up a __________ of milk.

5. Todd wanted to enter the competition, but he was too slow to __________.

6. Our teacher likes to __________ Shakespeare in order to make a point.

7. __________ doing that! It’s bothering me.

8. People who ___________ authority should be aware of the consequences of doing so.

9. A __________ is twenty-five percent of something.

10. The teacher normally gives students a ten-point __________ every Tuesday.

11. The __________ of the workmanship is evident in this antique chair.

12. The __________ bee is the most important bee in a beehive.

13. Ducks ___________ loudly when they are being fed.

14. The government quickly established a ___________ after the outbreak of disease was detected.

15. The U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization uses a __________ system when deciding how many people can from which country may enter the United States.

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Answers: 1. quick; 2. quiet; 3. queasy; 4. quart; 5. qualify; 6. quote; 7. Quit; 8. question; 9. quarter 10. quiz; 11. quality; 12. queen; 13. quack; 14.quarantine; 15. quota


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