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Phony means fake. A phony thing is not real, or it’s a bad imitation of something original. A phony person does not present himself or herself honestly. You can use "phony" as an adjective or as a noun.

  • That guy is so phony. (adjective)
  • He’s a big phony. (noun)
  • Tanya doesn’t really love her husband. Their marriage is phony.
  • Richard didn’t really make over a million dollars last year. His claims of success were phony.
  • Melissa created a phony degree for herself in order to convince others that she graduated from college.
  • People who are materialistic and superficial are phony.
  • The offer that we received in the mail promised us big profits on an investment. The offer turned out to be phony.
  • It was a phony offer.
  • A person who makes phony promises is a liar.
  • A person who sells phony merchandise is a swindler and a cheat.
  • A person who makes phony money is called a counterfeiter.
  • If you share personal information on a phony website, you might have your identity stolen.

politician He made a bunch of phony promises to people in order to get elected.

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August 16, 2018



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