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Word Of The Day Quiz 68 February 2018 V Words

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

vacant    vampire   version   vague   valet     valid   value   vandal   vanish  variety   vast    vet     vicious   victory   view   violent   vision   vital   voice     vote  

1.  You can’t get into that nightclub without a ___________ form of identification.

2. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a ____________ collection of billions of stars and planets.

3. What is the __________ of a good education?

4. At the farmers’ market, shoppers can find a great ___________ of vegetables and fruit.

5. Martin Luther King Jr. was a strong ____________ for human rights in the United States.

6. One of the criticisms of video games is that they are way too ____________.

7. Most expensive restaurants provide a ___________ service that will park your car for you.

8. We had to take our cat to the __________ because she wasn’t eating her food.

9. A nice apartment in a good neighborhood does not remain ___________ for very long.

10. David could not clearly explain where he was last night He was being very ___________.

11. The final ____________ of your research paper should not have any mistakes in it.

12. Our neighbors have a ____________ dog which everyone is afraid to go near.

13. Guests on the 20th floor of the hotel have a great ___________ of the city.

14. Kevin claims to be a ____________ because he stays up all night and he likes the taste of blood, but we all know he’s just kidding.

15. An exhilarating ___________ for the winning team gave the fans a reason to cheer.

16. A good leader should have a sense of ____________ for the organization he or she leads.

17. In a democracy, each citizen should have a fair opportunity to ____________.

18. The police arrested a ____________ who was breaking windows and mirrors on cars.

19. It is absolutely ____________ for people to have access to a clean supply of water.

20. The magician snapped his fingers and made himself ____________ into thin air.

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Answers: 1. valid; 2. vast; 3. value; 4. variety; 5. voice; 6. violent; 7. valet; 8. vet; 9. vacant; 10. vague; 11. version; 12. vicious; 13. view; 14. vampire; 15. Victory; 16. vision; 17. vote; 18. vandal; 19. vital; 20. vanish


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