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To educate someone is to provide knowledge, skills, training, or a sense of purpose in life.

  • It’s the responsibility of a parent to educate his or her children.
  • Public and private schools educate children.
  • One of the best ways to move a country or a region out of poverty is to educate women and girls.
  • Louis needs to be educated on the dangers of texting while driving.
  • Herbert is educating himself in the areas of religion and philosophy.


Herbert can educate himself!

The word "education" is a noun:

  • A good education is important for anyone who wants to be successful.
  • Education is the key to success.
  • There’s nothing more valuable than a good education.
  • Are you interested in getting a good education?
  • Education is the best defense against ignorance.
  • After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Sarah went back to college to study education and become a teacher.
  • Your teacher has been in the business of educating young people and adults for the last 30 years. (The word "educating"

The words "educational" and "educated" are adjectives:

  • Computers can be used for educational purposes.
  • The trip that our class took to the nature center was very educational.
  • I made an educated guess on a question related to aerodynamics, and my answer was almost correct. (educated guess = an answer based on limited knowledge)
  • An educated person is someone who has spent a significant amount of time reviewing the past, thinking about the present, and considering possibilities for the future.



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