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A fish is an animal that lives in water. This is a common word in English.

  • Do you like to eat fish?
  • A fish swims in the water. (singular)
  • Fish swim in the water. (plural)
  • You can keep fish as pets.
  • This fish lives in a fish bowl.

fish bowl

Fishing is a popular sport:

  • People go fishing in lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, and seas.
  • If you go fishing in the winter, it’s called ice fishing.
  • A person who goes fishing is called a fisherman.
  • Fishermen regard fishing as a relaxing sport.
  • Most people use a fishing pole to catch fish.
  • You can also call it a fishing rod.
  • Bait is put on the end of a string with a hook to catch the fish.
  • A fish takes the bait.
  • Worms or other small fish are used as bait.
  • Fishermen also use lures to catch fish.
  • A lure is artificial bait.

The word "fish" is also a verb:

  • He’s fishing.
  • He fishes in the summer.
  • Someone is ice fishing.
  • He’s fishing from inside a fishing shack.

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Published on February 8, 2018



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