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If something is level, it’s flat. The surface is not higher or lower in any area. It’s important for certain things to be level.

  • A kitchen counter is a level surface on which to prepare food.
  • The foundation for a new house needs to be level.
  • The width of a street from left to right should be level.
  • If something is not level, it might cause problems.
  • We had to return a table to the store because the table wasn’t level.

When the word "level" is used as a noun, it indicates a degree of accomplishment or a physical height.

  • On which floor level is the office?
  • A parking garage usually has several levels.
  • We reached a level of understanding after some disagreement.
  • Grocery stores put as much food at eye level as possible so that customers can easily find it. (eye level = at the height of one’s eye)
  • Which level are you working on for this website?
  • Most students begin studying English on the Blue Level.
  • Construction workers use a device called a level to determine if a surface is straight or has an even height.


You can use a level to determine if a surface is even.

The word "level" is also used as a verb:

simple past past participle
  • Construction workers level fresh concrete after it has been poured from a truck.
  • A tornado leveled a house in our neighborhood. (level = destroy; flatten)
  • Technology levels the playing field for people from other countries who compete with Americans.

There are some expressions that make use of the word "level."

  • Is this guy on the level? (Is he honest?)
  • Do you want me to level with you? (Do you want me to tell you the truth, or what I think is the truth?)
  • It’s important for the employees to feel they have a level playing field when negotiating with management. (a level playing field = a fair situation)

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Published on February 16, 2018.



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