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A ceiling is the flat area above your head when you are inside a room. The standard ceiling height in the United States is eight feet.


The ceiling fan is attached to the ceiling.

  • A ceiling fan helps circulate air inside a room.
  • Kitchens often have light fixtures attached to the ceiling.
  • Canister lighting is embedded inside the ceiling.
  • It’s hard to paint a ceiling.
  • Ceilings are usually painted white.
  • It’s popular to have high ceilings in a house or an apartment.
  • A ten-foot ceiling or a twelve-foot ceiling is considered high.
  • Can you touch the ceiling where you live?

You can use the word "ceiling" figuratively when speaking about limitations.

  • A glass ceiling is a barrier that prevents people of certain groups from obtaining their goals.
  • Some women will say that a glass ceiling prevents them from getting promoted at work.
  • When there is a ceiling on prices or rates, that means (that) they can’t go any higher.
  • When a stock price hits a ceiling, some investors sell, believing that the stock price won’t go any higher.

To hit the ceiling is to be angry or upset about something:

  • I hit the ceiling when I got my cable bill.
  • Amanda’s parents are going to hit the ceiling when they find out she failed some of her classes this semester.



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