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Use the word "complete" to indicate that something is finished, or it has 100 percent of its parts.

In these sentences, the word "complete" is a verb:

simple past past participle
  • We completed a 30-mile hike in two days. (It took two days to finish.)
  • The students completed the test in an hour.
  • We need to complete our homework. The teacher won’t accept incomplete work. (incomplete = not complete)
  • The construction project has finally been completed.
  • It took the artist ten years to complete his masterpiece.
  • When do you think you will complete your degree?
  • It takes only a few minutes to complete an application form online.

The word "complete" is also used as an adjective:

  • The work is not complete.
  • Sara bought a complete set of dishes from a consignment shop.
  • When the plans are complete, we can tell other people about what we want to do
  • The man made a complete fool of himself in front of everyone.
  • Check your list to make sure everything is complete.


The word "completion" is a noun:

  • The completion of the project took eight weeks.
  • Payment for work will be provided upon completion. (This type of statement is common in agreements that involve labor.)
  • Completion of the new highway will take two years.

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June 4, 2018



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