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To move is to change a location. This word can be used for short or long distances:

  • We moved to a new location.
  • Pedro and Sandra are moving from Texas to Utah.
  • If Opal can’t find a job soon, she’s going to move.
  • I have to move a big piece of furniture this weekend.
  • Can you help me move this?
  • The stock market moves up and down.
  • RIght now interest rates are starting to move upwards.
  • Soccer players move the ball up and down the field.
  • You can easily move from one place to another on a bike.
  • It’s not easy to move around when flying on an airplane. (move + around = change position or location)
  • You can move boxes around with a dolly.

dolly He’s using a dolly.

When the word "move" is used as a noun, the verb "make" is often used with it:

He’s using a truck.

  • If you make a move to a new location, you might have to use a large truck or a moving van.
  • A person who plays chess makes a move with a chess piece.
  • A person who wants to buy a house, makes a move on a house.
  • If there is anything that you want, you have to make a move on it eventually.
  • Basketball players shows off their moves on the basketball court.
  • That was a good move.

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June 14, 2018



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