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To fling something is to throw it.

  • Don’t fling that at me!
  • Horatio knows how to fling a frisbee.
  • A student flung a book out the window. (The past tense of "fling" if "flung." )
  • He got in trouble for flinging stuff out the window.
  • Someone in the car ahead of us flung some garbage onto the highway.
  • It’s against the law to fling garbage from your car.
  • If you fling a boomerang properly it will come back to you.
  • Fling it!
  • Fling it with your wrist.
boomerang thrower


When the word "fling" is a noun, it refers to a short relationship or a short-term commitment:

  • Darrel had a fling with a girl who lives down the street.
  • Hannah’s interest in astronomy was just a fling. She lost interest in a few months.
  • Todd denied having a fling with a coworker, but his wife didn’t believe him.
  • Their relationship had no meaning. It was just a fling.
  • Sarah’s quick fling with bitcoin resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars.

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Published on March 6, 2018



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