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A door is part of an entrance to a room, a building, or some other space.

  • A doorknob is used for opening and closing a door. Some door knobs have a lock.
door knob
  • A hinge allows a door to swing so that it opens or closes.
  • A person knocks on a door to announce an arrival, or a person knocks before entering a room.
  • He’s knocking on the door.
  • A doorbell is also used when announcing an arrival.

There are many different kinds of doors:

  • Most houses have a front door and a back door.
  • Kitchen cabinet doors are open and shut when working in a kitchen.
  • A garage door goes up and down when moving a car in and out of the garage.
  • A car door provides access to the inside of a car.
  • You can store food on a refrigerator door.
  • Revolving doors are used in large buildings.

This is a revolving door.

There are a few common expressions that include the word "door."

  • Hold the door. (Keep the door open.)
  • Let me show you to the door. (Said when a guest is leaving the house.)
  • I can walk you to the door. (same as above)
  • It’s important to get your foot in the door. (A new job at an entry level position provides an opportunity for a much better position later on.)
  • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. (Said to a person who is not liked when that person is leaving a group or position.)
  • A college degree can open doors for you. (open doors = provide opportunities)
  • We have an open door policy.. (open door policy = access to management or some level of transparency)
  • The door is always open. (I am always available to talk or meet.)

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May 6, 2018



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