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To prosper is to do well financially or in some other way that accumulates wealth, whatever form that wealth might take.

  • Natalie has prospered following her graduation from college with a degree in engineering.
  • Ted is prospering as a real estate agent.
  • My Egyptian friend, Abdi, is prospering as the owner of over 100 camels.
  • People who work hard enough generally prosper.
  • Cheaters never prosper. (This is a popular expression. It means that people who cheat can never really claim to be successful.)

The word "prosperity" is a noun:

  • Prosperity comes to those who are willing to work hard.
  • People work hard to achieve prosperity for themselves and others.
  • A country measures its prosperity by its gross domestic product or GDP.
  • Some people measure their prosperity by how many children they have.
  • We live in an age when prosperity can be enjoyed by an increasing percentage of people worldwide.


A person’s prosperity is reflected in the place where he or she lives. A person who lives in a mansion is likely to be very prosperous.

A person or a thing can be described by using the adjectives "prosperous" or "prospering."

  • Norway is a prosperous nation.
  • Amazon is a very prosperous company.
  • Many prospering new businesses have some connection to information technology.
  • I wish for you a prosperous life.

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April 16, 2019



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