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A person who is curious wants to learn more about specific topics that seem interesting, or a curious person hopes to discover new ideas or study different people, places, and subjects.

  • Mary is a very curious person.
  • Thomas is curious about anything related to science.
  • Teachers hope to have students who are curious because they ask good questions.
  • To be a better student, it’s good to be curious about topics that are new to you.
  • A person who is not curious about anything might be kind of a dull person.

a curious person

Sometimes the word "curious" means that a situation is unusual or there are suspicions about a person’s behavior.

  • I find it curious that the young man spends so much time with his goat.
  • Edwina has a curious interest in skin disease.
  • The old man’s desire to hang out with teenagers is very curious.
  • Don’t you find it curious that there aren’t tighter restrictions on gun ownership in the United States?

The word "curiosity" is a noun.

  • The boy’s curiosity lead him to study astronomy.
  • The girl’s curiosity in anatomy was encouraged by her mother who wanted her daughter to become a doctor.
  • Human curiosity has resulted in many new inventions and new ideas over the last few thousand years.
  • Boys have a healthy curiosity about girls.
  • Girls have a healthy curiosity about boys. (healthy curiosity = natural and generally positive)
  • The neighbors are burning with curiosity about why the police visited the house next door.
  • People who have a morbid curiosity with serial killers concern me.
  • A person’s curiosity can get him or her into trouble.
  • Curiosity killed the cat. (This is a popular expression. It means that curiosity can lead to trouble.)

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August 5, 2019



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