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A gate is a type of door or structure that allows people to enter or exit a place.

gate Go through the gate.

  • To enter my backyard, you have to go through a gate.
  • Baseball parks have gates that people walk through to enter the stadium.
  • Where there are castles and palaces, guards are stationed at gates to admit or deny people who want to enter.

The guard is at the gate.

  • Airports have gates from which airplanes depart or arrive.
  • Horses line up at the gate when there’s a horse race at a racetrack.
  • Embassies have gates that let people in or keep people out.
  • Subways and train stations use turn styles at gates as a means of controlling movement of passengers and checking fares.

This gate has a turn style.

  • Some people in the United States live in what are called "gated communities" that are surrounded by fences and protected by guards. (What are the people inside gated communities so afraid of?)

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August 12, 2019.



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