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To exhibit something is to show it, present it, or put it on display. This word can be used as a verb or as a noun.

  • Museums exhibit art.
  • We attended an art exhibit at a museum.
  • The exhibit featured many interesting examples of modern art.
  • Some of the artists who were exhibiting their work were available to talk about their paintings.
artThere were many artists at the exhibit.
  • An older person who suddenly becomes very forgetful might be exhibiting signs of dementia.
  • A person who exhibits signs of a disease should visit a doctor.
  • A woman’s pregnancy is exhibited by a swollen abdomen.
  • Children who are very smart exhibit signs of their intelligence at an early age.
  • If your child exhibits an interest in music, you should encourage him or her to play a musical instrument.
  • Companies like to exhibit their products at trade fairs.

The word "exhibition" is a noun.

  • The general public may attend a large exhibition of new cars when visiting an auto show.
  • Exhibitions of new technology at a convention might include gadgets for the home such as security systems and smart appliances.

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December 5, 2019



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