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The word "bitter" is an adjective used to describe taste, temperature, and emotional feelings.

If something tastes "bitter," it has a strong, unusual affect on the tongue that is not completely unpleasant. Some people really like bitter food and bitter drinks; others don’t like it.

  • Beer can taste bitter
  • My friend, Jeremiah, loves ale because it tastes bitter.
  • If coffee is really strong, it can taste bitter.
  • Sarah likes to drink coffee because of its bitter taste.
  • Dark chocolate can taste bitter. That’s why some people don’t like it. It’s not sweet like milk chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate is appreciated for its bitterness. (The word "bitterness" is a noun.)

When using the word "bitter" to describe a temperature, it’s very cold.

  • People who live in Minnesota pride themselves on their hardiness and ability to survive the bitter cold.
  • A bitterly cold mass of air has moved into the area from the Arctic.
  • A guy I know lost some of his toes to frostbite because of exposure to the bitter cold.

bitterThe bitter cold terrifies this guy!

If a person is feeling bitter, he or she is very unhappy about a situation.

  • Todd and his wife went through a bitter divorce which resulted from his infidelity.
  • The divorce settlement left Todd feeling bitter about the justice system.
  • Clara feels bitter about the the company that she worked for for 30 years and how they treated her as she neared retirement.
  • Her bitterness is made worse by aches and pains in her back and feet caused by the work that she did for the company.

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January 29, 2019



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