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To guzzle is to consume large quantities of liquid. Here are some examples of ways to use the word "guzzle."

  • After spending eight hours working under a hot sun, Frank guzzled a half gallon of water.
  • People who watch football games on TV eat snacks and guzzle beer.
  • College students have a reputation for guzzling beer at parties.
  • Iced tea is guzzled when it’s hot outside.
  • Guzzling too much of anything can make you feel sick.
  • Jose guzzled three cups of coffee before leaving for work this morning.

The word "guzzle" is also used for machines that use gasoline:

  • Large SUVs guzzle gas.
  • Amy drives a gas guzzler.
  • Cars built before the 1980s were especially prone to gas guzzling.
  • Todd is proud to announce to everyone how much gas his truck guzzles in a week.
  • Guzzling gas results in increased CO2 emissions.
  • Do you drive a gas guzzling vehicle?

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January 9, 2019



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