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Use the word "sort" when organizing things or putting things into categories.

  • When doing laundry, sort the white and light-colored clothing from the dark-colored clothing.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to sort through your clothing and get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear.
  • Files in filing cabinets are sorted alphabetically or in order of importance.
  • Employers sort through resumes to choose the best applicants for open positions.
  • Before soaking and cooking dried beans, sort through the beans to make sure they are good.
  • Shoppers sort through sale items at stores to find good deals.

sort recycling Recyclable items are sorted according to the materials of which they are made.

The word "sort" is often used with the preposition "of" when categorizing a person or a thing or when describing things. "Sort of" is also similar to "a little," "somewhat," or "kind of."

  • The test we took was sort of easy. (It was a little easy.)
  • That guy down the block is sort of mean. (He’s somewhat mean.)
  • Dan’s boss is sort of a jerk. (He’s kind of a jerk.)
  • Vanessa said she was sort of tired after working all morning. (She was tired.)
  • Today is not the sort of day to spend outside. It’s too cold. (Notice that "the sort of" is used when talking about a category or type.)
  • This is not the sort of weather that most people like.
  • He’s not the sort of person who likes to play games.
  • That’s is the sort of house that I grew up in.
  • Those sorts of people make me angry.
  • This sort of problem is very common.

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January 31, 2018



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