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To swap something is to exchange it. People agree to swap things that they believe are equal in value or provide some sort of benefit for the people involved. Sometimes the swap is not equal, but when there is an agreement, it means that each person gave up something to get something in return.

  • Tony and Lakeisha swapped apartments. He moved out of his apartment and into hers. She moved out of her apartment and into his. They swapped apartments because they each needed a new location that was closer to work.
  • Some of the people attending the meeting swapped email addresses. They did this because they believed it would be beneficial to contact each other in the future.
  • Gary and Samantha are married. They swap cars regularly to save on gas. When Gary has to drive long distance, he swaps his gas-guzzling truck for his wife’s gas-sipping hybrid.
  • Children who bring their lunches to school might swap food they don’t really like for food that they do like from other children. Jeffrey swaps his peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Nguyen’s banh mi sandwich.
  • Business leaders often swap ideas to improve the companies they manage.
  • You can go to a swap meet to trade things that you no longer want for things that you do want.
  • The keyboard for my computer stopped working so I swapped it with another computer that had a good keyboard.

They’re swapping ideas at a meeting.

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June 18, 2019



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