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A bribe is an offer of money or some thing of value in exchange for a favor or favorable service. A bribe might be illegal, depending on the circumstances under which the bribe is offered. In most cases, a bribe is not a good thing because it gives the person who offers a bribe an unfair advantage, and it’s a form of corruption.

  • Todd offered a police officer a bribe and was promptly arrested. (In this sentence, "bribe" is a noun.)
  • He learned that bribing a police officer is against the law. (In this sentence, "bribe" is a gerund.)
  • Mary Anne bribed her teacher with a gift card and the bribe worked. She got a better grade in her English class. (In this sentence, the word "bribe" is a verb and a noun.)
  • That store bribes its customers with low prices on things that sell out quickly.
  • Sometimes I have to bribe my dog with a dog treat in order to get her to stop chasing rabbits.
  • Has anyone ever tried to bribe you?

money  He’s offering a bribe.

The word "bribery" is a noun. This word is usually used when talking about crime.

  • The lawyer was charged with the crime of bribery.
  • He’s probably going to spend time in prison because the bribery charge involved over a million dollars.
  • Bribery and corruption are fairly common in many places around the world.

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March 2, 2019



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