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To be forthright is to be honest or to provide necessary information. If you are hiding information or if you are not completely honest, you are not being forthright. This is a word that you will hear used when talking about information and facts that need to be provided in circumstances requiring full disclosure (complete honesty and transparency).

  • I appreciate it when a person is forthright.
  • Thank-you for being so forthright.
  • William wasn’t completely forthright with his boss in reporting reasons for a recent loss of profit.
  • It’s best to talk to your boss in a forthright manner; otherwise, he or she might think you are hiding something.
  • The employees of the company didn’t believe that the owner of the company was being forthright when she announced her reasons for laying them off.
  • A government that is not forthright with its citizens loses their respect.
  • Daniel was afraid that being too forthright with his supervisor might cost him his job.
  • People who are forthright may be perceived as too direct or too frank (frank = honest and direct).


A doctor needs to be forthright with her patients.

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February 10, 2020



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