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A court is a place. There are many different types of courts:

  • A judge presides over a court of law.
  • People go to court to resolve legal disputes.
  • Lawyers represent people who appear in court.
  • A king or a queen may have a royal court that includes family members and others who are part of an exclusive group.
  • Jesters were once important members of a royal court. The jester told jokes and provided entertainment for the king and his court.
  • A courtyard, or court, is an area surrounded by parts of a large house or apartments.
  • A courtship is a period of time when two people are romantically involved prior to marriage. A man courts a woman he would like to marry.
  • Basketball is played on a basketball court.
  • Tennis is played on a tennis court.
  • The court of public opinion reflects the ideas and opinions of a majority of people within a country or among all the countries of the world.

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January 18, 2020



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