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A partner is a person or group who provides help and cooperation with another person or group. Partners are usually equal in the relationship. There are partners in business, government, organizations, education, and marriage.

  • Alice and Tom are partners in a business that they own and manage together.
  • Bill and Steve are partners at a law firm.
  • The federal and state governments are partners with our school in providing education to newly arrived immigrants.
  • A local manufacturing plant is a partner with an environmental group that wants to turn trash into fuel for cars.
  • It can be very beneficial for businesses to find partners with whom to collaborate.
  • Maria and Jose are partners in marriage. They support each other in achieving personal goals and the goals set for their family.
  • Instead of using the words husband or wife, Maria and Jose refer to one another as partners.
  • The teacher told students to work with their partners on a science project.
  • Students learn how to cooperate with others when they work with a partner.


They’re partners in business.

The word "partner" is often used as a verb when talking about relationships in business and nonprofit organizations:

  • Several cities in Minnesota are partnering with the federal government in a large construction project.
  • A health insurance company and a local fitness center are partnering to create more opportunities for employees to be physically active at work.
  • Our school partnered with a local accounting firm that needed office support staff. This resulted in four of our students becoming employees of the company.
  • Partnering with other companies is not always successful, especially when one company is primarily focused on its own success and not that of the other company. (The word "partnering" is a gerund in this sentence.)

In colloquial (everyday) American speech, the word "partner" is used when greeting people (This use of the word is more popular in the south than in the north.)

  • Howdy partner!
  • How’s it going partner?
  • Hey partner!

The word "partnership" is a noun. It’s similar to the word "relationship." A partnership is an agreement to work with another person or group:

  • Two tech companies have formed a partnership.
  • They hope their partnership will lead to more innovation and higher productivity.
  • A battery company has entered into a partnership with a car company to produce electric cars that are powered by solar energy.
  • They believe their partnership will result in the development of new automobile technology for electric cars.

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January 27, 2020



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