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A toy is an object that children play with.

  • Children like to play with toys.
  • Toys help children learn about the world that they live in.
  • When I was a boy, I had a toy camera.
  • Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs were very popular toys in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Other popular toys include building blocks, action figures, and dolls.
  • Some parents refuse to allow their children to play with toy guns or other types of toys that look like weapons.
  • Nowadays, some children play with electronic devices instead of traditional toys.

drone Recently, drones have become popular toys for adults and older children.

There are other ways to use the word "toy." This word can be used to refer to expensive items owned by adults.

  • Jason’s new toy is a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
  • Quentin has a basement full of electronic toys.
  • He who dies with the most toys wins. (This is an expression which means that the person who has accumulated the most expensive material objects is a winner compared to other people with less.)

The word "toy" can be used as an adjective to mean that something is very small.

  • Sarah has a toy poodle. (This is a very small poodle.)
  • Toy breeds of dogs are popular among people who want a very small dog.
  • A chihuahua is a type of toy dog.

When the word "toy" is used as a verb, it means that one person is teasing another, or it means that a person is considering a possibility:

  • Joe and Samantha are toying with the idea of putting a swimming pool in their backyard.
  • Bob has toyed with the possibility of spending a year in China, but now he’s considering a year in Vietnam instead.
  • The owner of the company likes to toy with his employees, raising their hopes of an increase in salary.
  • Hey, I’m just toying with you. (I’m not serious about what I said.)

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January 13, 2020



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