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WL2 Good Grammar And Usage

Lesson Two

Good grammar and usage make a difference.

Students who are learning English for the first time struggle with writing because their English grammar and usage skills aren’t fully developed yet; however, even advanced students have trouble when it comes to choosing the correct verb tense or forming adjectives. What’s the solution? Write anyway. Students have to practice writing regardless of grammar skills. Writing helps a student learn how to use the language.

If you haven’t already completed the seven-level course for English instruction, you can do that now. Don’t worry about the length of time it takes. You need a solid foundation in grammar when writing just about anything.


In the Orange Level and the Violet Level, you will learn about sentence formation and joining ideas together. These levels are intended for intermediate and advanced learners of English. Click here to go to the Orange Level. Cick here to go to the Violet Level.

The Purple Level is a list of some of the most important verbs in English. Not only should you learn the different uses for these words, you should know how to conjugate them in any verb tense.

The Green Level is almost entirely focused on the passive voice. Understanding the differences between the active voice and the passive voice will make you a better writer.

In the Yellow Level, you learn about perfect tenses, modal verbs, comparatives and superlatives.

The Blue Level and the Red Level are for students who need basic English skills.

I urge all of my students to continue to improve their knowledge of English grammar, no matter what level of proficiency they have already achieved.


That’s all for now. In the next lesson, you’ll learn about writing sentences.

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