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Y15 Past Perfect

Yellow Level

Lesson Fifteen:

The Past Perfect Tense

The past perfect tense is usually used with two past actions. The verb in the past perfect shows the first past action.

She had visited several doctors before she found out what the problem was.

First action (verb): had visited

Second action (verb): found out

The word order can be changed but it doesn’t change the meaning:

Before she found out what the problem was, she had visited several doctors.

past participle

* find out / found out = learn; discover

Remember to  write in your notebook

I had visited
We had visited
You had visited
You had visited
He had visited
She had visited
They had visited
It had visited


He had already started to make breakfast before his wife woke up.

(already is frequently used with perfect tenses. It usually appears between the auxiliary verb and the main verb: had already started)

By the time we arrived at the airport, the plane had already left.

They had worked and saved a lot of money before they retired last year.

If you need more help understanding the past perfect tense,

this video might help you:


This video will show you some of the differences between the past tense and the past perfect tense:


Click here for a quiz.


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