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Yellow Level Quiz 12 Fewer Less Fewest Least

Yellow Level Quiz #12 – Using “fewer” and “less” for comparisons; using “fewest” and “least” as superlatives

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence with “fewer” or “less.”

1. There were __________ men at the party than women.

2. I have __________ time to do things this year than last year.

3. We need __________ help this week compared to last week.

4. George worked __________ than 30 hours this week.

5. Many Americans are choosing to have __________ children because of the economy.

6. They made __________ money this year than last year.

7. I hope you are making __________ mistakes with your English since you started coming to this website.

8. There’s __________ daylight in the winter than in the summer.

9. There are __________ hours of darkness in the summer than in the winter.

10. __________ people want to go into that profession these days.

11. ___________ and ___________ customers are buying those products.

12. We’re using ___________ water now after installing water-saving toilets.

13. He has __________ opportunities to find a job without a college degree.

14. You should use __________ butter in this cookie recipe than the recipe calls for.

15. There’s __________ and __________ work available for people who need jobs.

16. She spent __________ time this month practicing her violin which resulted in some poor performances.

17. I’ve noticed __________ mosquitoes this year compared to last year.

18. Our teacher gave us __________ homework today than yesterday.

19. It would be __________ of a hassle if you could just take care of the situation yourself.

20. They have __________financial problems this year because their father found a new job that pays well.

Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence with “fewest” or “least.”

1. Of all the houses we saw, I liked that one the __________.

2. They have the __________ new members compared to the other groups.

3. Don’t mention it. It was the __________ I could do.

4. This recipe uses the __________ oil.

5. Compared to other years, the hospital recorded the _________ number of deaths related to gun-shot wounds.

6. This is the __________ of my worries.

7. We received the ___________ new applications this year compared to all the other years we have been in business.

8. Their company had the ___________ violations within their industry.

9. I’ve owned many good cars during my lifetime. This one has given me the ___________ trouble.

10. During the week, we see the __________ students on Thursday.


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