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Yellow Level Quiz 13 So And Such

Yellow Level Quiz #13 — Using “so” and “such”

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence with “so” or “such.”

1. That movie was ________ good.

2. That was _________ a good movie.

3. He’s __________ a good speaker.

4. The food at that restaurant was ________ bad!

5. If you had ________ a bad experience, why did you stay at that hotel?

6. _________ experiences are rare.

7. They made _________ much money, they couldn’t keep track of it.

8. This is ________ a bad idea.

9. There was ________ much food at the party last night.

10. There were ________ many people there.

11. It’s hard to believe they could think ________ a thing.

12. How could anyone do something ________ awful

13. _________ an opportunity doesn’t come along every day.

14. His speech was ________ long, a few people fell asleep.

15. We have ________ few choices for places to live.

16. Is this really _________ a difficult decision for you?

17. The roads are ________ slippery that they’re hard to drive on.

18. The pizza was hard to eat because it was ________ a sloppy mess.

19. Why are you being _________ hard on yourself?

20. Why do you put up with ________ a difficult boss?

Part B. American Vernacular

Directions: Complete each sentence with “so” or “such.”

1. _________ is life.

2. Her baby is __________ cute.

3. Hold your head just ________ .

4. We’ll make a decision at _________ and _________ a time.

5. Oh no! Say it ain’t __________!

6. She loves him ________.

7. Wow! _________ nerve! I can’t believe he did that.

8. Someone said you’re quitting your job. Is that _________?

9. Yes, I saw what they did. ________ what? I don’t care.

10. He walked quietly _________ as not to wake the children.

11. A house _________ as theirs must cost a lot of money.

12. A: How did you do on the test? B: Oh, just ______ – _______.

13. We’re ________ not doing that.

14. Everything for the party was just _________ until it rained.

15. This is my website–_________ as it is. I’m still working on it.

16. Have you ever seen __________ wealth?

17. His attitude is __________ that it’s hard to work with him.

18. Thank-you for being ________ a big help.

19. You are _________ busted. Your parents are going to be angry.

20. Why do I have to stop playing basketball? Who said ________?


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