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Yellow Level Quiz 17 Past Continuous Vs Past ANSWERS

Yellow Level Quiz #17 – the
Past Continuous Tense vs. the Past Tense (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each question and answer in
the past continuous tense or the past tense. Use the verbs in parentheses to fill in the blanks. (10 points)

1a. What were you doing when the phone rang? (do / ring)

1b. I was sleeping. (sleep)

2a. What was she doing before she answered the phone. (do / answer)

2b. She was doing the dishes. (do)

3a. Where was John living before he moved to Houston? (live / move)

3b. He was living in Miami. (live)

4a. What kind of a car were the thieves driving after they left the house? (drive / leave)

4b. They were driving a 2008 Chevy Malibu. (drive)

5a. What was everyone talking about after the election was over. (talk / be)

5b. They were talking about what the President will probably do in the next few months. (talk)


Part B.

Directions: Use either the past continuous tense or the past tense in each question or sentence. Some verbs are negative. (10 points)

1. Why didn’t you call me last night? (call — negative)

2. She wasn’t listening when the teacher called on her for an answer to a question. (listen — negative)

3. What kind of food were you eating when you lived in Sri Lanka? (live)

4. How many people did they call yesterday? (call)

5. Why wasn’t the young man being more cooperative with the police? (be — negative)

6. I didn’t know it was raining. (know — negative)

7. You mother was trying to get ahold of you on your cell phone. (try)

8. How long did the house stay on the market before it sold? (stay)

9. We were having so much fun at the party that we didn’t want to leave. (have)

10. Nobody helped the old man get up off the ground after he fell. (help)


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