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Tasting And Judging


This is a piece of chocolate. Chocolate is sweet.


This is a bowl of potato chips. Potato chips are salty.


This is a lemon. Lemons are sour.

Limes are also sour.


This is a cup of coffee. Sometimes coffee is bitter.

hot / spicy

This is a chili pepper. Chili peppers are hot. They make food spicy.

These words describe textures in food:

juicy = moist

This chicken is really juicy.

(When meat is cooked properly and it’s not dry, we say that it’s juicy.)

crunchy / crispy

Crackers are crispy or crunchy.

Some fruit and vegetables are also crunchy or crispy. Celery, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers are crisp.

A hard apple is crisp.


When vegetables or fruit are new and taste good, we say they are "fresh."

Bread is also "fresh" when it’s new. Everyone likes fresh bread.


When bread is old, it gets stale.

Stale food is usually hard, but sometimes it’s soft.


When food is soft, it’s mushy.

Do you like mushy cereal?

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