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Presidents Day

Presidents’ Day

Woodrow Wilson
Franklin Roosevelt
F. Kennedy
Some of the most famous Presidents….
George Washington
– He was the first U.S. President and known by Americans
as the "father of the country." His face is on the one-dollar
bill and the quarter.
Thomas Jefferson
– He wrote the Declaration of Independence and served as
the third President. He was a brilliant philosopher and
statesman. He’s on the nickel (five-cent piece).
Andrew Jackson
– He was widely admired as a self-made man who rose to
the most powerful position in the country. He was the seventh
President, and you can see a picture of him on the twenty-dollar

Abraham Lincoln – He was the 16th
President and perhaps the most loved because he ended slavery
and presided over the winning of the Civil War. He’s on
the penny (one-cent piece) and the five dollar bill.

Woodrow Wilson
– He served as the 28th President during World War I and
helped form the League of Nations, which served as the
model for the present-day United Nations.
Franklin Roosevelt
– He was the only President elected to four terms, from
1933 to 1945. Roosevelt was President during the Great
Depression and World War II. He expanded the role of government
in order to help Americans who were poor and in need of
assistance, and was greatly loved by the people. His picture
is on the dime (10-cent piece)
John F. Kennedy
– He was the nation’s youngest president and served during
the early 1960s when the U.S. and the Soviet Union almost
went to war. He was assassinated in 1963. His death shocked
the country. His face is on the fifty-cent piece.
Ronald Reagan
– Loved among Republicans and some Democrats, Reagan brought
tremendous pressure against the Soviet Union to compete
against the U.S. and ultimately outspent the Soviet Union
which collapsed after he left office. He was the oldest
President ever elected.

On Presidents’ Day we remember the good Presidents–not
the bad ones.

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