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Sleep is a time when the mind and the body get a necessary rest period.

Most people get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.




Nighttime is a time for sleep.



Pleasant thoughts and images in the mind happen during a dream while a person sleeps.


If the dream is unpleasant, it’s called a nightmare.

He’s having a nightmare.

bad dream

A nightmare is also called a bad dream.


A person who dreams during the day has a daydream. This happens while a person is awake.

He’s daydreaming of rock stardom.


A bed is the place where a person sleeps. A bed usually consists of the following: a mattress, sheets, a blanket or comforter, and a pillow.


Your head rests on a pillow.

in bed

When a person gets into bed to go to sleep, he or she is in bed.


A baby sleeps in a crib.


A baby might sleep in a cradle, but these are not as popular as they once were due to safety concerns.

bunk beds

When beds are stacked on top of each other, they’re referred to as bunk beds. Bunk beds save on space in a room.


A hammock is used for sleeping or resting outside. It usually hangs between two trees.


Some women wear a nightgown to bed.


Pajamas may be worn to bed by children or adults, women or men.


Slippers are shoes that some people wear around the house while wear pajamas or a nightgown.


A person who walks or gets up while sleeping is said to be sleepwalking.

say a prayer

Some people say a prayer before they go to sleep.

the middle of the night

Sometimes sleep is disturbed and a person must wake up. The middle of the night occurs when a person would normally be sleeping, roughly between 1 a.m. to 4 a.m.


A person who can’t get to sleep has insomnia. This can be a mental or physical condition. Sometimes insomnia has external causes beyond a person’s control.

alarm clock

An alarm clock goes off in the morning and wakes people from sleep.

yawn and stretch

When a person wakes up in the morning, it’s natural to yawn (open the mouth wide) and stretch (extend the arms and legs).


A person who needs to go to sleep is sleepy.

sleepy / tired

People may feel sleepy or tired in the morning if they don’t get enough sleep.

night owl

A person who doesn’t go to sleep at night or who works at night when he or she should be sleeping is called a night owl.

It’s important to get

a good night’s sleep.

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