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Getting Sick


Germs are spread from one person to another. In the case of the flu, the germ is a virus that grows inside the cells of your body. You can control the spread of germs by washing your hands.


spread germs

He’s spreading germs. If you don’t cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, germs will spread to other people.


He’s sneezing all over his desk. Germs can be found on desks, tables, door handles, computer keyboards–any surface.


He’s coughing. People cough when mucus (fluid) builds up in the lungs. A cough is a symptom of a cold or the flu.

cough medicine

You can take cough medicine if you have a cough. It should help, but children don’t like it.

cold and flu medicine

This will help you feel better. You can get it from your pharmacy, but read the labels carefully and be very careful when giving it to children. Some children are too young to take it.


He feels dizzy. This can be an early symptom of the flu. Your head feels like it’s spinning.

running nose

When you’re sick, your nose runs. You have to blow your nose to get the extra mucus out of your body.

upset stomach

He has an upset stomach. Problems with the stomach can result in vomiting. Vomit is not a popular word in English. Here are some substitutes:

throw up

get sick

Before you throw up, you…

…feel nauseous

…feel queasy

sore throat

Many people get a sore throat when they are sick. This is an early symptom of a cold or the flu.

body ache / muscle ache

Many people feel some pain or ache in their muscles when they have the flu.

feeling (one’s) forehead

My mother always felt my forehead with her hand to tell if I was sick or not. If I felt hot, she said I had a fever.


A thermometer is more accurate when trying to find out if a person has a fever.

stay home in bed

If you have a fever, body ache, a sore throat, and a cough, you should stay home in bed. Stay warm. This will help you get better faster.

drink liquids

Drink hot beverages like cofee, tea, or hot cold medicine. I like Thera-flu. It’s sold at the pharmacy and you put it into hot water and drink it when you have the flu.

cold and flu medicine

Talk to a doctor or your pharmacist about the types of medicine you can take.


There are flu vaccines available. Some prevent you from getting sick, and others help you to recover when you get sick.

The doctor is giving him a shot.

needle and syringe

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