Having a Baby

It all starts when
a woman gets pregnant.

She’s expecting a baby.

He’s the father.

They’re both expecting a baby.

This is a fetus.

The fetus (baby) needs a lot of care and attention when it is
in the womb. (the mother’s stomach)

Babies are usually delivered at a hospital, but some
woman choose to do this at home with the help of a midwife.
Babies cry a lot.

This baby has a pacifier.

Other names: binky, nuk, num num, paci

This is a baby bottle.

Some mothers breast-feed their babies.

Some put their babies on a formula diet.

Babies need to wear diapers.
They sleep in a crib.

Babies have lots of toys.

This goes inside the crib.

They go out for walks in a stroller.

She’s pushing the stroller.

Before they learn to walk, babies learn to crawl.

This baby is crawling.

When they get bigger, babies eat in a high chair.
Swinging helps to calm a baby. He’s in a baby swing.
Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life!

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