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B3 Be Questions

Lesson Three

Be – Present Tense Questions

(Be) + Subject + ____?

Am I….
Are we…
Are you…
Are you….

Is he….

Is she…

Is it…..

Are they….

Yes-No Questions:

Question: Are you a student?

Answer: Yes, I am.

Am I a teacher?

(Yes, you are.)

Are you a student?

(Yes, I am.)

Is he a student?

(Yes, he is.)


Is she a student?


(Yes, she is.)


Is this a house?


(Yes, it is.)


Are we in class?


(Yes, you are. )


(Yes, we are.)


Are you busy?


(Yes, we are.)


Are they happy?


(Yes, they are.)


Lesson Three Practice

1. _____ he a good student?

2. ______ the cars parked in the garage?

3. ______ I supposed to go to work today?

4. ______ you in this class?

5. ______ she from Mexico?


1. Is 2. Are 3. Am 4. Are 5. Is

* Be sure to capitalize the first word in a sentence.

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You can also practice making questions here.

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