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Green Level Quiz 6 Have To Passive

Green Level Quiz #6 – have to, passive voice

Part A.

Directions: Complete each statement with “have to” in the present tense or the past tense. Use the verbs in parentheses ( ___ ).

1. The car ______________________________________ because it’s so dirty. (wash, present tense)

2. The windows __________________________________________ because they are clean. (wash, present tense–negative)

3. Tony _____________________________________________ from the airport this evening at 7:00. (pick up, present tense)

4. The rent ________________________________________ by the fifth of the month, but it was late. (pay, past tense)

5. She __________________________________________ by the doctor. (see, past tense–negative)

6. You ____________________________________________cutting the grasss before it gets dark outside. (finish, present tense)

7. This _____________________________________________ until next week. (do, present tense–negative)

8. They ___________________________________________ how to operate the machine. (show, past tense)

9. All of your vegetables _____________________________________ before you leave the table. (eat, present tense)

10. My garden _______________________________________________ because it rained. (water, past tense–negative)


Part B.

Directions: Complete each question with “have to” in the present tense or the past tense.

1. __________ dinner _________________________________ right now? (make, present tense)

2. __________ the building ____________________________________? (evacuate, past tense)

3. __________ the contract _____________________________________ by both of us? (sign, present tense–negative)

4. __________ this medicine _____________________________________ twice a day? (take, present tense)

5. __________ the money ________________________________________ on time? (pay, past tense–negative)

6. __________ the building _______________________________________ before winter? (complete, present tense)

7. __________ this package ________________________________________last week? (deliver, past tense–negative)

8. When __________ the oil filter _______________________________________ ? (change, present tense)

9. How long __________ this turkey ____________________________________ in the oven? (leave, present tense)

10. Why __________ that _______________________________________ so early? (do, past tense)


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