Green Level Quiz #6 – have to, passive voice (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each statement with “have to” in the present tense or the past tense. Use the verbs in parentheses ( ___ ).

1. The car has to be washed because it’s so dirty. (wash, present tense)

2. The windows don’t have to be washed because they are clean. (wash, present tense–negative)

3. Tony has to be picked up from the airport this evening at 7:00. (pick up, present tense)

4. The rent had to be paid by the fifth of the month, but it was late. (pay, past tense)

5. She didn’t have to be seen by the doctor. (see, past tense–negative)

6. You have to be finished cutting the grasss before it gets dark outside. (finish, present tense)

7. This doesn’t have to be done until next week. (do, present tense–negative)

8. They had to be shown how to operate the machine. (show, past tense)

9. All of your vegetables have to be eaten before you leave the table. (eat, present tense)

10. My garden didn’t have to be watered because it rained. (water, past tense–negative)


Part B.

Directions: Complete each question with “have to” in the present tense or the past tense.

1. Does dinner have to be made right now? (make, present tense)

2. Did the building have to be evauated? (evacuate, past tense)

3. Doesn’t the contract have to be signed by both of us? (sign, present tense–negative)

4. Does this medicine have to be taken twice a day? (take, present tense)

5. Didn’t the money have to be paid on time? (pay, past tense–negative)

6. Does the building have to be completed before winter? (complete, present tense)

7. Didn’t this package have to be delivered last week? (deliver, past tense–negative)

8. When does the oil filter have to be changed? (change, present tense)

9. How long does this turkey have to be left in the oven? (leave, present tense)

10. Why did that have to be done so early? (do, past tense)


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