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Reading Checklist.

Practice reading outloud with these reading exercises:

 1. Stan likes to ride his bike

 2. Donna and Bill had lunch together

 3. These are Lisa’s children

 4. A farm is a great place to work

 5. Luke and Sandra and a baby

 6. Matthew gets ready to go

 7. Carolyn recently lost her husband

 8. Skyscrapers are very tall buildings

 9. Patty invited some friends over for dinner

10. Racoons

11. This is Luke and Sandra’s baby

12. It’s fun to drive a go kart

13. “Look! There’s a jukebox!”

14. Stan lost his job

15. The plum trees in my backyard are in full bloom

16. Kids love to go swimming in the summer

17. Toby is at the apple orchard with his kids

18. Spring

19. Everyone loves the summer

20. Fire up the grill

21. Fall is in the air

22. Wally worked on his house last weekend

23. I used to drive to work

24. Winter is a long season in Minnesota

25. Finding a new job is not an easy thing to do

26. Isabella and Brandon went to the beach

27. Americans drink a lot of coffee

28. Do you need to get a driver’s license?

29. Dan has to do his laundry today.

30. Jimmy needs to go to the bathroom.

31. Alex delivers pizza.  

32. Beat the heat. 

33. Valerie is going through a divorce.  new

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  1. Listen to each story.
  2. Read the story outloud.
  3. Answer the questions after the story.
  4. Record your voice and listen to yourself reading.